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Fencing Services in the BC Interior

Sparrow Excavation and Fencing is a Lillooet-based company that provides fencing services in the interior of BC. Fences serve many purposes and come in a variety of types and styles – we will help you determine the best fencing options for your needs and ensure whatever you decide on, it is installed to superior standards in a timely fashion.


Solid Wood Fence
Post and Rail Fence
Vinyl Fence
Composite Fence
Metal Fence
Chain Link Fence
Invisible Fence
T-Post Fence

Various patterns, styles, and shapes available:

Once you’ve decided what your residential fencing will be made of, you’re halfway through your decision making. There are also a variety of fencing patterns, styles, and shapes that need to be considered. Some are more conducive to privacy, some have a traditional look, and others a more contemporary feel. We are available to answer any of your questions on picking the most attractive and suitable pattern for your fence as well as the top style and shape.

Industrial/Farm/Ranch/Animal Fences

Barbed Wire Fence
Electrical Fence
Bear Exclusion Fence
Animal Fence

See more of our Services, or Contact Us to request a quote for fencing services in BC today! We can also answer any fencing or excavation related questions you have and help ensure that when it comes to fencing, you’re on the right track.