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Sparrow Excavation and Fencing in Lillooet, BC

We are available for B.C. wide excavation and fencing jobs, fully set up for short or long duration remote work as needed, please call today for your free estimate.

Founder, Andrew Gee, has been doing residential, commercial, and industrial carpentry since 1993. Andrew is proud to live, work, and contribute to the economy in Lillooet and BC.

Sparrow services include excavation, cattle, game, chainlink fence, and road and land clearing.

At Sparrow Excavation and Fencing, we prioritize not only the quality of our work but also the safety and security of our projects. That's why we are proud to hold a comprehensive $5 million liability insurance policy at all times, ensuring peace of mind for our clients. Additionally, we maintain a good standing with the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB),with our WCB number being 976005, allowing clients to request a clearance letter with ease. Our commitment to both excellence in service and rigorous safety standards sets us apart in the field of excavation and fencing.

Sharon Ufton,


The work took him three days, and what a difference now. Would highly recommend him.

Sharon Ufton

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