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Excavation Services in Lillooet

Sparrow Excavation and Fencing in Lillooet, BC and surrounding area’s go-to for excavation services. 

Our excavation projects include digging and clearing land for building construction, with activities ranging from drilling shafts and foundation digging to drilling and grading. You can trust that our team brings knowledge and experience to every project, ensuring we can demolish and clear a site for construction seamlessly. 

We proudly provide excavation services to both residential and commercial clients; no project is too big or too small, so contact us today!

Archaeological Test Pits

Damaging an archaeological site without a permit is against the law. As such, an important part of any land development planning, whether private or commercial, is to gather information and incorporate acrchaeological considerations into the plan. That’s where Sparrow Excavation’s services come in.

If you’re developing a piece of land, our team can dig several test pits in preparation for you to have an archaeological assessment completed. These pits may help an archaeologist more fully determine whether or not the site is clear for construction!

Find more information about your responsibilities on this Archaeology page of the BC Government website.

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