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Screw Pile Installation

Sparrow Excavation and Fencing have been proudly serving the BC community for over 25 years. We are based in Lillooet but we offer our services throughout the BC interior including Merritt, Kamloops, Barriere, and Chase. The team at Sparrow can help you with your screw pile foundation installation while providing quality service, timeliness, and efficiency.

Our team is uniquely familiar with the area. We have over two and a half decades of experience and can confidently install your screw pile foundations with expert ease.

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What are Screw Piles?

Screw piles (AKA Helical piles) are a type of deep foundation that is used on sites for minimum noise or vibration. The foundation consists of a steel screw-in and ground anchoring system using piles manufactured from high-strength steel. The piles are wound into the ground similar to a screw into wood.

Usually, Screw Piles are used when contractors wish to minimize disruption to local homeowners or other buildings with deep foundations in close proximity. Installing Screw Pile Foundations takes considerably less time, and machinery and can typically cost less compared to a standard concrete foundation.

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What types of projects use screw piles?

Screw Piles have been used for over two hundred years and are traditionally used in engineering endeavours such as building roads and railways. More recently, the majority of screw piling projects involve tall structures, extensions, and tree protection. Pile Foundations are used for commercial, residential, and municipal buildings but some of the more common applications include sheds, decks, patios, cement pads, and preformed stairs.

When using screw piles it is necessary to consider the future degradation of the materials used because all steel corrodes eventually. A common way to address this issue is to allow a specialist to make allowances for eventual corrosion to ensure the pile shafts are still able to provide support.

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Main benefits of Screw Pile Foundation

Besides the ease of installation, Screw pile foundations have several other benefits such as:

    • Faster Installation
    • Lower Carbon Footprint
    • No need to remove soil from the site
    • Ease of removal when no longer needed
    • Ability to install in close proximity to existing structures

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