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Lytton Fence Installation

May 5th 2022

The rebuilding has begun, and as a community comes together, so does its commitment to building a stronger, more resilient Lytton. At Sparrow Excavation and Fencing, we are fencing installation experts who provide services in Lytton and are excited to be part of the movement to rebuild.

Following the fiery devastation that tore through the village of Lytton in the summer of 2021, community members and officials are working together to rebuild the with a focus on sustainability, fire resistance and the use of green energy. Fencing is one of the areas discussed in FireSmart BC’s guide to decrease fire dangers. One point is that wood fencing should be at least 1.5 metres away from a home. The use of fire smart fence and design options also go a long way towards protecting homes and families from potential harm.

Sparrow recently completed a Lytton Fire Fence line restoration, which includes four wire barbless and one wire barb along 1.5km. That’s just the beginning of what we hope to do. We offer many types of fences, including FireSmart fence options.

What is FireSmart Fencing?

FireSmart fencing isn’t a particular type of fence material. The material chosen doesn’t even need to be fireproof (though that’s helpful too). Basically, it’s an informed combination of fence material and design that drastically decreases the chances of a fence-caused home ignition. FireSmart fencing may decrease the likelihood of a fence fire, but, more importantly, it removes the chance of a fence fire igniting your home.

There are several elements to fire smart fencing, including:

  • Ensuring that wood fencing is constructed at least 1.5 metres from structures.
  • If fencing is attached to a building, be sure to use a non-combustible fence section for that portion. Example: a metal gate.
  • The area at the base of any fence should be kept free of debris, such as leaf litter, pine needles, etc.
  • Some types of fencing allow for greater airflow, making it harder for embers to accumulate. These include single panel lattice fencing.
  • Vinyl fencing, while not fire proof, does hold up well when subjected to exposure to embers.
  • Steel fencing provides a radiant barrier, providing better protection than other fencing options.

Sparrow offers many different types of fence installations, including fire smart options. We know that Lytton is in a rebuilding process and we want to be part of the movement. We’ve been providing a wide range of services to Lytton and area for over 25 years. We are experienced, local and committed to being part of Lytton’s future.

If you’re starting the rebuilding process and want to ensure you’re choosing the safest options possible, reach out to us at Sparrow Excavation and Fencing. We can discuss various types of fire smart fencing and help you to pick the most practical option in your preferred style and budget. Whatever your fencing needs, whether for your town lot or on your larger property, and for whatever the reasons, privacy, enjoyment, protection, or to increase your property value, Sparrow has your best interests at heart and looks forward to helping you secure your property correctly. Contact us today to request a quote for fencing services. If you’re weighing the options of who to choose for your fence installation, be sure to read a few of our Testimonials – we stand by our work and our past customers stand by us.