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Five Considerations to Discuss with Your Fence Installer

June 2nd 2021

From the outside, a fence looks like just that, boards or chain-link attached to posts around a property, but it is so much more than that. Thoughtful reason and planning go into a fence installation, and you need a professional to guide you through erecting any fence around your property. Sparrow Excavation and Fencing is a class A fence installer in Lillooet, BC and in the last article, we talked about 5 reasons to install a fence. In this article, we’ll talk about five considerations to discuss with your installer before you build a fence.

Local Bylaws and Strata Rules

Simply put, local bylaws and strata rules are instructions that visitors, tenants, renters and property owners must follow. These help govern what can be built on your property and may change depending on the area. Your fencing professional should know what is able to be built, and how to make sure you’re in compliance. It’s important to fully discuss your vision for your fence early on to give your fencing professional time to verify the rules.

Cost of Materials

While an eight-foot cherry-wood privacy fence may be visually appealing, the price tag may not be. It’s important to consider how much you’re willing and able to spend on your fencing project. Be ready to discuss this budget but also keep an open mind as your fencing professional is a problem solver and can often present ideas to cut costs without cutting corners.

Appropriate Materials and Design for your Needs/Lifestyle

This question starts with an internal reflection on what you need most out of your fence. If you’re a person with a disability and have trouble walking, an automatic gate may be a necessity, or if you just need regular access to the yard, a manual gate may suffice. Envisioning what you need will also help govern your thoughts to how you want your fence to look. Share this information with your fencing professional as they want the same things you want.

Location of Underground Services

Often overlooked until it’s time to break ground, services such as telephone wires and sprinklers can make for troublesome task to work around, and take up valuable time in repairs. Locating and sharing the location of underground services early on in your project will help speed things along for your fencing professional, and lead to fewer repair bills along the way.


Just as concrete needs optimal conditions to set properly, a fence needs that same attention to detail. Be cognizant of the conditions your fence will have to exist in. Is the soil overly hard or extremely muddy? Has it rained for the last week and soaked the soil through? Is there hard rock or clay a foot down? All of these are valuable considerations for not only when you’re designing your fences layout, but when your fencing professional breaks ground as well.

Save Time, Money and a Headache

By taking a few extra steps to plan and brainstorm, you can save yourself a lot of headache and ensure a more enjoyable experience in designing your dream fence. Learn more about our fencing services today and contact us for a free estimate!