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Electric Fence FAQs

January 26th 2023

If you’ve ever considered installing an electric fence, but you did not know how they work, or if they’re right for you, Sparrow Excavation and Fencing have the answers. Sparrow Excavation and Fencing is a fencing services provider in Lillooet and would like to answer 5 Frequently Asked Questions about electric fences.

How does an electric fence work?

An electric fence is a large open circuit waiting to be closed. The fence is charged with electricity through a conductive wire at a set voltage and sends a pulse through the wire at regular intervals. Then, when an animal touches the fence, the circuit is closed, and the electricity flows through the animal’s body, causing a small electric shock.

What about environmental objects that touch the fence?

Electric fences will only shock grounded objects. When an animal is touching the earth, it is considered grounded and will accept the charge. Inanimate objects like grass and sticks are not grounded and will not accept a charge. Moisture affects grounding, and it should be noted that during drier months, when the soil has less moisture, the fence may have a less-than-normal charge.

Do electric fences cost more than a basic barbed wire fence?

No, conductive wire is very affordable, as is the labor to install the fence. Material and labor required to build an electric fence are reduced significantly, as is the extended maintenance. The materials used to run multiple strands of barbed wire are more than double the cost of a single spool of coated, conductive wire. With this type of wire, it means it’s very easy to correct breaks in the fence, thus reducing maintenance costs.

What concerns should I have regarding my electric fence?

The biggest error we find is when a fence has slack in it, and it is then over-tightened. The line should not have slack or dip, but it should be straight. It should also be noted that sometimes, people will add extra posts to the ground to adjust tension issues. This is a common mistake and is unnecessary. Simply tightening the line will do.

Are electric fences dangerous to humans?

Electric fences are no more dangerous to humans than they are to animals. It should be noted that if a person comes into contact with the electric fence, you will receive a shock that will be uncomfortable, but will not leave any lasting injury. It will feel like a small shock. That being said, keep children away from the fence and make sure you train your animals! Electric fences are not dangerous, but it would be better to teach them ahead of time!

Get an electric fence installation quote today

Electric fences are a great, safe, affordable option for anyone looking for an extra level of security for their livestock and even for pets in the yard. With electric fences may come questions, and Sparrow Excavation and Fencing are ready to answer your questions. To learn more about electric fences, reach out to Sparrow Excavation and Fencing today. Check out our Electric Fence Installation page and contact us today!