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7 Reasons You Might Demolish a Commercial Building

April 9th 2021

Demolition may seem like the elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about, but it has its purposes. Choosing to demolish a commercial building isn’t nearly as daunting as it sounds. Sparrow Excavation and Fencing, the preferred demolition services provider out of Lillooet, brings us seven reasons a property owner should demolish a commercial building.

Property Values

In the event, the building is derelict and an eyesore, or maybe standing without a purpose and the prospects for selling are low, the land itself underneath may have more value without the building. Taking down the old structure and investing in a quality building can increase property value by turning what was once a problem into a worthy investment.

Structural Issues

Sometimes, routine inspections yield terrible news that no property owner wants to hear. Such as the building has a weak foundation. A foundation is both a structural risk and a liability risk. Shifting floors, uneven walls, cracks in the concrete; all are signs the foundation may be weak and brittle. In these events, sometimes renovation isn’t possible, as the cost of fixing a shoddy foundation can be more than the value of the building itself. In this case, demolition may be the best option.

Old and Dated Buildings

Age is a factor when considering if demolition services are the best option for your building. If the building is fifty years old but has been well maintained with a strong foundation, no water issues, and quality plumbing, you may not want to demolish it, and whatever problems you have may be worth fixing. But if the building is twenty years old, the ground has shifted, it's got drainage problems, the floors are cracked, and the building was abandoned for half its life, this may be the time to consider taking it down because it may not be structurally sound anymore.

Harmful Building Materials

In the not too distant past, what we know now are harmful materials such as asbestos, lead, and mercury were once used in commercial buildings. If you find these types of materials in your building, you may be required to hire a qualified professional to take that part of the building down, and a hazardous materials technician may be needed to oversee the process. Once again, the value of the building versus the cost of these types of repairs needs to be considered.

Vacant Lot Values

In high traffic corridors of growing communities, a vacant lot may be a business owner's dream come true. While your building may not be what they are looking for, an empty lot may be worth more to them. In this case, the building owner may decide to demolish as a strategic business move.

Changes to your Floor Plan

If your building is drawing customers or clients, but you decide you don’t like the layout, a partial demolition can be done by a qualified contractor. In this event, the unwanted portion is removed, and the building is reconstructed to suit your needs.

Endless Repairs to Utilities

When the utilities in the building are outdated, the cost of repair to the value of the property value may shift, and you can end up paying more in repairs than the building is worth. In this case, a remodel wouldn’t suffice, and a complete demolition may be considered.

Demolition, partial or full, shouldn’t be considered a loss if it serves a purpose and is done right. For all your commercial property demolition needs, check out our Demolition Services page then get in contact Sparrow Excavation and Fencing out of Lillooet, B. C today!