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5 Reasons You Might Install a Fence in Lillooet

May 13th 2021

When you invest in your home, you’re investing in your little piece of the world, and the fence that surrounds your property is both an investment in your home, and your way of life. Sparrow Excavation and Fencing are personable, qualified fencing installers in Lillooet, and highlight 5 reasons you might install a fence.


The first and most obvious reason someone might install a fence would be for an immediate increase in privacy. From the first board to the last, a fence gives an immediate sense of solidarity and completes a home. Fences are a great way to bring the yard together to a central focus piece, remove the distractions from the world, and allow you and yours to relax without unnecessary eyes.


Did you know your fence is a source of enjoyment? By turning the focus away from the city streets and bringing you into the moment in your private space, your fence becomes a natural deterrent for all-things-distraction. Fences are also a natural roadblock for wind and weather, as well as stray animals.


This is a given. A fence is an investment in your safety, both as a deterrent and a physical barrier for intrusion. With the way of the world, no neighborhood is perfect, and your children and animals will immediately reap the benefit of heading out into a yard where they feel safe. And you gain peace of mind knowing you’ve taken one more step to protect your family and property.

Increased Property value

As mentioned previously about investments, a quality-built fence is a way to increase property value and curb appeal. A fence completes the house and gives it a well-rounded appearance when viewing the property from both the street and a computer screen. You can’t expect to get rich from building a fence, but you should be comfortable with the fact that you’re adding value to your home. Since the majority of families want a fence, especially a privacy fence, by adding one to your property, you’re checking a box on a large number of buyer’s lists.


Your fence should be seen as a blueprint for your property, an area where your responsibility for maintenance starts and ends. It should also be seen as a marker, designating your official piece of land from all others. These clear boundaries prevent encroachment by neighbors, section off your area of responsibility, and designate there’s. By erecting a fence you’re heading off problems before they begin.

Whether your needs are for a massive ranch, or an expansive privacy fence around a piece of property, Sparrow Excavation and Fencing has the tools and experience to handle any job. Contact Sparrow Excavation and Fencing today to get started on investing in your property by building a quality, beautiful fence.